Homelessness Prevention

We offer several resources to prevent homelessness. Here are details about the programs administered by our Homelessness Prevention social worker for people who are homeless or housing-unstable:

  • Rapid Re-Housing
    Services are provided to person who are homeless but have obtained sufficient income to relocate to affordable housing.

    Program Services:

    • Case Management
    • Housing Search
    • Financial Assistance for Relocation costs
    • Financial Assistance for Housing Stabilization
    • Transportation to Community Resources


  • Homeless Prevention

    Services are provided to persons who are imminently at risk of homelessness due to eviction. Eligible persons must meet the low income guidelines and not have any supportive systems to avoid homelessness.

    Program Services:

    • Case Management
    • Financial Assistance to Maintain Housing Stabilization
    • Housing Search (if needed to obtain affordable housing)
    • Financial Assistance for Relocation Costs


  • Street Outreach

    Supportive Services are offered to those who are homeless and not residing in an emergency or transitional shelter.

    Program Services:

    • Case Management
    • Coordination of Relocation Services to Emergency and Transitional Shelter
    • Medical and Dental Referrals
    • Financial Assistance for Transportation Costs
    • Financial Assistance for Medications
    • Transportation to Community Resources
    • Nutritional Food Commodities