Food Assistance

Our policy is to provide all qualified persons and families with a box of food no more than once every three months.

To set up an appointment to receive food assistance, call 781-0517 on Wednesday or Friday morning between 9 and 10 a.m.

To receive food assistance you must have:

  1. A current letter (less than 2 weeks old) from the Food Stamp Office indicating you receive $75 or less in food stamps per person per month. The Jefferson County Food Stamp Office is located at 2001 12th Avenue North, Birmingham, 35234. Their phone number is (205) 423-4200.
  2. Your photo ID and Social Security Card.
  3. Proof of Income.  This can include:
    • a pay stub from work
    • layoff notice from former job
    • SSI Disability notice
  4. If more than two are in your family, bring Social Security cards for each family member.
  5. If you or anyone in your family is over 21 and not on disability, they must be registered with Alabama JobLink.

If these qualifications are met, you must fill out and sign a form prior to receiving food. Thank you!